OX-ON Respiratory Kit Construction Comfort P3

Product Description

OX-ON Respiratory Kit Construction Comfort P3 is a complete half mask kit, which is especially designed for you, who wish to ensure optimal protection of your airways when working in extremely dusty and particle-filled environments with dust, smoke, fibres, asbestos and particles of insulation material, etc. The one-size half mask is provided with elastic bands so that it can easily and quickly be adapted to your face, and thus you will always have a perfectly fitting mask. Furthermore, the respiratory protective equipment is manufactured in soft silicone, which gives you an exceptional comfort when you wear it. An entirely unique exhaling valve effectively reduces moisture and heat in the mask. This gives you optimal comfort. Both the belonging threaded P3 filters are very easily mounted on the mask when it is time to change the filter set or, for example, if you want to upgrade to other types of OX-ON filters. You can at any time mount another type of OX-ON filter on the half mask, as the basis mask is identical for all OX-ON half mask filters. This allows you to choose freely when you need to find the right filters for your task. With the OX-ON Construction P3 half mask kit you get a working tool and a safety approved piece of protective equipment that requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifetime - all combined with a modern anatomical design of highest quality.