OX-ON Filter box Comfort A1B1E1K1P3 D

  • Art nr.: 321.24
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  • Suitable for working with chemicals, paints, varnishes and in dusty environments

  • Extremely low breathing resistance

  • High capacity

  • Easy and fast mounting

  • Produced in the EU



OX-ON Filter set Comfort ABEK1P3 is an especially designed and safety approved combination filter for you, who need to protect your airways in connection with working with chemicals - including organic vapours, acidic gases, ammonia as well as solid and liquid particles. Among other things, the filter protects against wood preservatives, pesticides (herbicides), ammonia and amines, hydrochloric acid and spray paint. (You may read more under point 8 in the data sheet for the product, against which you need to protect yourself.) The OX-ON filter also provides protection when working in dust and particle-filled environments. Comfort ABEK1P3/P3 is dolomite tested, which means that this is a filter with a particularly large dust capacity with slowly increasing resistance. The filter set is with screw thread, which makes it extremely easy and quickly for you to mount. The OX-ON Filter box w/3 sets Comfort ABEK1P3 consists of 3 sets of filters, which are used in conjunction with your OX-ON half mask.


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321.24 1881892 5701952321247 6574524


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