OX-ON Eyewear Space Comfort - Clear

  • Art nr.: 334.18
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  • Adjustable temples and lens angle

  • Extremely impact and scratch-resistant

  • 99.9% UV protection

  • 180 degree field of vision



OX-ON Eyewear Space Comfort with clear lenses are extremely durable and impact-resistant safety approved glasses for you, who work both indoors and outdoors and who need a good field of vision. The clear lenses are manufactured in extremely impact-resistant and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and they provide you with a protection against UV-radiation of 99.9%. The design of the safety glasses ensures that you have a field of vision of 180 degrees. These sporty and tight-fitting lightweight glasses are provided with length-adjustable temples and swivel joint. The swivel joint gives you the possibility to change the angle of the lenses so that they give optimal protection for your eyes against particles and fragments. The temples of the glasses can easily and quickly be adjusted so that the glasses fit perfectly to your face. The soft ends of the temples ensure you perfectly good comfort when you need to wear the glasses for a long time, and as the lenses have an optical class 1 certification, the safety glasses are applicable for permanent use.


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