OX-ON Eyewear Speed XTS Comfort - Mirror

  • Art nr.: 334.51
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  • Extremely impact-resistant

  • Flexible and soft temples

  • Reduces reflections

  • 99.9% UV protection

  • Sunlight filter



OX-ON Eyewear Speed XTS with mirror lenses are the exclusive and safety approved glasses for you, who need to reduce incoming light considerably in connection with your work. The lens with its mirror coating is produced in extremely impact-resistant polycarbonate, and the mirror feature reflects a large amount of light, so that the glasses are ideal for use in bright sunlight, where there are reflections from snow and ice, as well as when driving. At the same time, the lenses provide 99.9% UV protection. The mirror coating effect of the safety glasses is noticeable, and your eyes will feel more relaxed and less stressed than when wearing tinted lenses without a mirror feature. The OX-ON glasses are provided with anti-slip rubber on the flexible temple tips, and a non-slip nose bridge provides you with an extremely good comfort. The lenses have an optical class 1 certification and that is why the glasses are applicable for permanent use. The safety glasses are approved in accordance with the strict requirements for ballistics provided by the U.S. military. One of the requirements is, among other things, that the lens must be able to withstand a projectile-like object of a given weight and size, which moves at a speed of 640-660 feet per second. This requirement is four times higher than the requirements for regular safety glasses in the United States. The safety glasses are approved in the United States according to an ANSI Z87 standard, which resembles the European standard EN 166.


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