OX-ON er Danmarks førende totalleverandør indenfor personligt sikkerhedsudstyr.
Vores brede sortiment dækker handsker, faldsikring, høreværn, åndedrætsværn, hovedværn, øjenværn, beskyttelsesdragter og meget andet indenfor personlig sikkerhed.


We develop your safety products with an emphasis on high quality, design, innovation, and functionality. You can be sure that we always meet the most stringent safety requirements and toughest working conditions. All products are thoroughly tested before market release.

We sell and market our products in most of Europe through major hardware stores, retailers, and wholesalers.

Our team of professional safety experts can be found in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, and Poland. They provide product advice, training, inspection, and information about specific legal requirements for you to choose the right solution.

Our mission at OX-ON is: